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Hotel Palazzo Lovera **** has prepared for you many unusual and exciting outdoor activities



Hotel Palazzo Lovera **** has decided to create a new site entirely dedicated to outdoor activities to offer hotel guests as well as residents and passing travelers, new sports and entertainment experiences to fully enjoy the beautiful Cuneo area

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Located in the historic heart of Cuneo, our 4-star hotel is on the pedestrian Via Roma. Quiet rooms, comfort and attention to detail. Gym room with sauna. Underground garage with video surveillance

And now, thanks to the new activities offered by Hotel Palazzo Lovera ****, from the most traditional and healthy ones such as excursions and bicycle tours to the most sensational, exciting and suggestive ones such as helicopter driving or a flight in a hot air balloon, you will have also the possibility to fully enjoy all the scenic beauties of the Cuneo area: for example the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps, the Gesso-Stura River Park, the Po River Park of Cuneo, as well as the San Giacomo path and the famous Via Francigena.

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Only from a hot air balloon can you enjoy a 360 degree panorama from a height of 500 meters and then descend to caress the fields like the birds do ...


Become a helicopter pilot with us for a day, or fly as a passenger over breathtaking landscapes: thrills and adrenaline guaranteed!


For lovers of cycling in the Cuneo area, there are countless trails immersed in nature, between culture and delicious food and wine stops.


Whoever comes to discover this south-western part of the Alpine arc brings home the memory of walking on paths of unparalleled beauty.

Bicycle: saddle up on the hunt
for nature, culture and good food

Hotel Palazzo Lovera **** offers you everything you need for a bike trip. Click here for more nformation

For those who like to spend their free time on two wheels, the Cuneese plains and mountains represent an incredible environmental and tourist heritage.

We offer itineraries for walks with the family or for cyclists who want to try their hand at climbing the Tour of Italy.Just choose the route within your reach from hundreds of kilometers of roads, trails and mule tracks all immersed in a wonderful and rich history ... DISCOVER EVERYTHING

Helicopter: discover breathtaking views. Let yourself be amazed!

Hotel Palazzo Lovera **** offers you the chance to fly a helicopter! Click here for more information

Are you looking for an unusual and overwhelming activity to give yourself or your friends? Plan an adrenaline afternoon with a helicopter flight!

Driving a helicopter, flying over Cuneo or the Langhe, is such an exciting experience that you will remember for a lifetime... DISCOVER EVERYTHING

Excursions: from the mountains
to the sea, many paths for all walkers

Hotel Palazzo Lovera **** offers you many wonderful excursions! Click here for more informations.

From Cuneo the view embraces the extraordinary amphitheater of the Ligurian, Maritime, Southern Cozie Alps and stops at Monviso, 3841 m of altitude, which represents a great attraction

Whoever comes to discover this part of the Alps takes home the memory of walking on paths of unparalleled beauty, protected, silent and rich in expanses of flowers and wild animals, woods and forests, meadows and pastures to which the mountains form the crown of the valley Tanaro to the Po valley... DISCOVER EVERYTHING

Hot air balloon: to fly fast
like the wind and lighter than the air

Hotel Palazzo Lovera **** offers you the chance to fly in a hot air balloon! Click here for more information

The place of take-off is known but not the landing place, so each hot air balloon flight is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Only from the top of a hot air balloon you can enjoy the 360 degree panorama from 500 meters high and then descend to caress the fields ... DISCOVER EVERYTHING

Get out of the routine, come and have fun with us!

We offer you traditional and healthy sports such as cycling or hiking, but also unusual and exciting experiences such as riding a hot air balloon or flying a helicopter! DISCOVER EVERYTHING

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